I love Joe Fresh.  It reminds me of the good old days of Gap classics.  And their show at LG Fashion Week was a HOT ticket.  It was crazy crowded.  But somehow that just made the show more exciting. 

The show started with a video of what looked like a 1950s Italian vacation - pretty, preppy with just a bit of whimsy.  On the seats were Boy Scout ties.  The show had simple classic pieces with just a bit of whimsy and paired with knee-high socks with kitten heels.  I didn't shoot any of the boy outfits, because frankly  I married The Big Bang Theory and my husband doesn't care what he wears.   For professional photos of the full collection check here.  And keep in mind I was seated in the 2nd to last row before you judge my photo quality - and since I literally bled at this show I figured I had to at least use my own photos.

I loved the splashes of colour.  I loved the navy blue.  I loved the army green. I loved the simple dresses.  I loved the white shirts with neon pink or green cuffs. I loved the shoes. And I loved the bags.  Some of the embellished pieces I wouldn't find wearable for my figure. But many others will love picking up a cute layered skirt for summer.   But you will likely find me in a PEI soil coloured red dress - fresh from Joe Fresh next spring.

Will you be wearing any of the Joe Fresh line next spring? 

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