I was almost stopped in my tracks the other day by this FANTASTIC woman walking down the street.  It might have been the bright curly red "Victoria from Twilight" hair that got my attention at first.  But it was her confidence that kept my attention.   She wasn't super trendy or trying too hard.  When you add up the elements she wasn't wearing anything that spectacular on its own.   But you could tell by the way she walked that she owned her look  (and yes a little Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever and John Travolta just started playing in my head).

Besides the fab hair she was wearing a charcoal trench coat.  With jeans folded up just right to give that vintage 1950s feel to her cropped pants.  Her boots were  black Fly London with a funky heel (my SIL has these boots and I wish we shared a shoe size so I could 'borrow' them - permanently).  She carried this gorgeous deep red leather tote.  And in the other arm she carried her take-out lunch in a plastic bag.  

She had great stylish pieces that spoke volumes without competing with her hair.   Owning your look - that is what I want to be when I grow up!!!

And yes,   I wish I had had both my camera and the guts to ask her for her picture.