The one thing they don't tell you before you have a baby is that your feet will grow. Not just swell with pregnancy. But grow.  I am now wear a half size larger shoe size than I did before I got pregnant. This means that some of my most comfortable and favourite shoes are no longer my most comfortable.   I even bought a couple of pairs of shoes in my old size just after my little guy was born.  Thinking, incorrectly, that my feet would go back to their earlier size. 

On the list to replace, when budget allows, are a good pair of black platform shoes for wearing with skirts and dresses.  And secondly a pair of dark red heels, also to wear with skirts and dresses.  

One of the many good things that comes with age, is the understanding of the importance of investment spending on your feet.  The wrong cheap shoes can affect your feet for months.  If I'm going to wear heels I need them to be comfortable, great looking and a statement that will live in my closet for years. 

I currently covet these options from John Fluevog. Perhaps my family will give me Fluevog gift cards for Christmas.  One can only dream. 

Baroque Rubens in Burgundy $259 at


Coffee Tenango in Black $265 at


Attention Paris Black platforms $255 at