Most days I'm a wash and wear kind of girl.  One of the things I love about short hair is takes about 90 seconds to do in the morning.  Once in a while I blow dry it.  And then if I'm heading to a party or having a crazy hair day I might pull out the straightener.  My step-mom gave me a new super small, super hot ceramic one a few weeks ago.  I haven't used it yet, but assuming it will be very handy for my short hair, as I find my other one a bit big.  I was using my super old curling iron, which has a brush attachment,  when the larger straightener was just too big. 

When I was out with my girlfriend last weekend she mentioned her surprise that people still use curling irons. She has super curly, Julia Roberts kinda of hair.  And has frizz issues.  An Alberta friend (who obviously understands what dry air does to curly hair) suggested she use a curling iron and she was really pleasantly surprised that it gave her great shape, reduced her frizz and stayed for a few days. So she purchased a curling iron. 

What about you?  Do you ever use any electric devices for your hair?