I love award season.   Besides being a glittery party reprieve from the winter doldrums, it is also very entertaining to watch the well styled, sculpted, botoxed and possibly nipped and tucked crowd pull out all the stops and walk the red carpet.   It's a party and what else do you do at a party (besides drink)?  Well comment on what everyone is wearing of course!   To me it isn't who looks the youngest or has the best figure.  It is about who knows themselves well and can translate that into a great red carpet version of themselves (with the help of a small army of course).  

When I sat down last night to watch the Golden Globes I expected to see a handful of stars over 40.  Some of the top movies of the year starred fabulous and 40+ stars like Meryl Streep, Sandra Bollock and Sigourney Weaver.  But I was completely taken aback by the sheer number of names I wrote down throughout the night.    And secondly surprised that I had so few dresses to laugh at.   

I wrote down the well over 30 names of fantastic 40 + (and a few turning 40 very very soon) women.   They had less ruffles than their younger counterparts, but rocked all the other trends of the night - classic black,  one shoulder dresses, white, jewel tones and cleavage (Mariah Carey brought a pair of golden globe awards with her).

In the end I couldn't pick just one favourite.  Jane Krakowski, Calista,  Julianna Margulies (not pictured) and Tina Fey are all on my short list.  But I am clear on the dress I hated most... Rita Wilson.  She was on Oprah this week talking fashion for any age, and has a new Harper's Bazaar column.  This dress is not helping her fashion cred. 

What did you think?  Who was your favourite?  Least favourite?

Source:   All photos WWD.com and Instyle.com.