So far the build up to SATC2 has been huge.  Lets hope the  movie lives up to all its hype.  And will we care?  I suspect most of SATC fans will go to see it no matter what the reviews say.   We certainly came out in droves to watch the world première on Monday.  I watched a lot of it on ustream... when the audio/video jumps and poor syncing weren't making me crazy that is.

Then I decided to digest what I saw before I posted (well really it was a holiday in Canada Monday and I decided to be a lazy girl and watch stuff on my PVR instead - hey some days you just have to goof off).

The Best!!! 

All the ladies looked fantastic.  Although I have to admit I still have reservations about the colour of SJP's dress.  Love the fit, flow, details, but the green just reminds of some crazy 1980s day glo accessories I wore back in the day.  And I think at least one of them was a head band.
Also looking great was... Bo Derek
When I first saw this on the live feed I couldn't see the entire outfit.   And I tweeted a "what the heck is Bo Derek wearing?" message.  But after seeing the head-to-toe outfit I really think she looks great. And yes granted it is a lot more casual than the stars of the show.  But Bo Derek was there to support her leading man (John Corbett), and it wouldn't be Bo if she didn't look like she could be walking along a beach somewhere.  The style fits her personality and figure. The colours are vibrant and youthful.  She looked great.
And for my third choice for fantastic woman over 40 is Vanessa Williams.

This woman has a fantastic stylish.  Bright, bold, figure flattering and age appropriate.  Unlike our next ladies...

I love Gayle... 

but this dress is all wrong for her.  I love that she went for bold colours, but the dress does not flatter her figure.

Then there is the real question mark of the night... Liza Minnelli...

Now Liza has been performing from the moment she was born.  And she knows how to work a costume on a stage.  She was a rock star of the 1970s fashion scene. So I can see why she was attracted to this vintage  Halston outfit (heck he was her personal designer and good friend for years).   But  you'd think with all that stage and bright light experience, that someone on her staff would have tried a "flash" test to see what would happen under bright lights.   It was nice that all the entertainment tv shows adjusted the shots so it wasn't so transparent.   But the rest of the photos online are less kind.   Unless, of course, Liza was trying to illustrate that even at 64 a great nude coloured strapless bra is still an essential.  

Now just one more sleep until the movie hits theatres.