I don't know if it was exhaustion from my full day of shopping with my Mom on Monday, or the sudden start of summer.  But the inspiration has been gone a bit this week.  Had a complete fashion  meltdown yesterday trying to find a sundress to wear to work.  A sundress that was appropriate for work.  A Sundress that didn't require nylons. A sundress that still fit me from last summer.  I work a skirt and blouse instead!!!  So hence no Thursday post and a short (and rather disjointed) Friday post.  But I have a great piece that I am doing on a local retailer that I love - including an interview with the 2 owners.  That will be coming Monday, so something to look forward to.

For today, I've been slowly working my way through the 99 Most Influential Fashion Blog ranking at Signature Style 99.  Today I checked out ShoeBlog.com.  In the position of 95 on the list, this blog is run by a fairly long list of shoe-aholics.  I usually am more interested in the smaller blogs. But when you run videos like this and you are ALL about shoes, how can you go wrong.  They have a shoe forum so you can discuss your shoe angst with other shoe-aholics.  Plus they run shoe contests and have a long blogroll featuring other shoe blogs.  Sharing the shoe love is what gets them on my Follow Friday list.  

I'm also now following them on twitter @shoeblog. 

Now I am off to try and not commit too many fashion crimes in my efforts to stay cool this weekend.