I only recently started watching Glee. My TV schedule was full, so I had to wait until the summer to start watching. I immediately fell in love.   So last week I saw some friends on twitter talking about this great Glee website  "What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?".  I love Emma's vintage look on the show, so I had to check it out. 

Now admittedly I couldn't get away with wearing the exact outfits Emma wears.  But I love the vintage touches.  And would love to incorporate small parts of her look into my style.

The blog is written by Danielle, who like me, is obsessed with 2 things - clothing and television.  And I think based on the 1970s TV and toy references given on her blog, that she and I aren't so far apart in age. 

Danielle searches the internet for the exact items that Emma wears. Many of Emma's clothes come from J Crew and Anthropologie.  Here you will find links to things like her owl sweater clips, cherry drop earrings and vintage brooches. 

Even if you will never dress like Emma or never watch Glee.  This blog is so much fun to follow.  You can also follow her on twitter at  @wwepw.