I don't talk a lot about my son in my blog.  Frankly because this is one of the few spaces in my life that is not about him.  But my having a pre-school aged boy feeds into almost every decision I make about fashion.   This morning I wore my new Green Sapphire necklace. It is made of coconut, tree seeds and other Brazilian Rainforest materials.  It is long. It is colourful. It is interesting for a 3-year-old to pull.    Thankfully I only had to manage for about 3 minutes before we got our coats on and headed out the door to work/daycare.   But most days my outfits need to go from work to toddler friendly in an instant.  This is the reality for most moms.  

The other obvious point is that I am a Mom, of a toddler,  in my 40s.   I had my son at 39 and celebrated my 40th birthday with a 6-month old (which meant pumping and dumping after my first "adult" night out with my husband and several of our friends).  My life running after a toddler at 42 lends itself to the over all voice of my blog.  As an older woman, in the mid-life of her career, I have a different perspective than a younger woman might have. 

So this long lead-in leads me to talk about Flower Power Mom.   My blog talks about fashion after 40, with motherhood, work and gravity contributing to my perspective.   Flower Power Mom talks about a range of opportunities/challenges/surprises that M0m's over 40 face everyday.  Angel is a smart, passionate blogger who tells it like-it-is. She celebrates motherhood over 40, but she also doesn't try to sugar coat it.  Her blog's tag is "the truth about motherhood after 40".   Her blog has updates on celebrities mom's over 40. She has a Mom-Squad of experienced Mom's over 40 who have a variety of expert advice for other Moms.  And she does profiles of real life moms over 40 - like me.  She is becoming the "go-to" expert on mother after 40 by the media.  She recently updated her site, and it not only looks great, it is easy to navigate around.

You can follow Angel on twitter at @FlowerPowerMoms.

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