I can't tell you how excited I was the day I got a comment on this blog by someone I didn't know in some way. Up to that point all my comments had been real life friends or my social media friends or other local mommy bloggers.   And here was this lovely comment from Valerie who I believe lives in  Texas (somewhere much warmer than Vancouver anyways).  Valerie blogs from Charmed Valerie.  We have tweeted back and forth about a few things over the past few months. But today I thought she should get a proper shout out. 

Why?  Well Valerie has a very busy little boy.  So do I.  She also loves accessories almost as much as me.  Check out her recent post on 26 ways to wear a scarf - it even includes a great video. 

Valerie also has perfected the blog video.  This is something I have yet to try - I'm such a newbie on the video front I got excited when I successfully embedded a YouTube video to mine. Maybe I'll get the guts to try it out soon. 

You can follow Valerie on twitter.