I thought I'd mix things up a bit this Friday and bring over a tradition from my ramblings blog...  Follow Friday. This is an idea clearly stolen from twitter, but with a blogger focus. And as this is a blog I can spend a bit of time explaining why I recommend someone. 

I follow a lot of blogs.  A lot of them mommy blogs.  But as my focus here is fashion and being over 40 my blog recommendations will somehow connect back to those 2 themes.

The first is What I Wore Today - All the World's a Stage... and This is My Costume.   A friend told me about this blog last week through a comment.  I checked it out and really love it.   The blog chronicles what Kasmira wears to work in downtown Cincinnati. 

Her categories of posts include:

I love the unique way she puts things together.   I would never considered putting a zebra wrap dress with a giraffe patterned cardigan.  But it really works.  She is great source of inspiration for new ideas.  And she has been blogging long enough to show us how she has worn an outfit in the past. 

Although really I just like her attitude.