While I was at the Martha Stewart Living party in NYC I walked by a group of women and heard  "and she was buck naked."  Well like any good Canadian girl I stopped and said "I'm sorry this conversation sounds too interesting not to join you."  And I am so glad I  was so nosey because I met the most interesting women -  Poppy Buxom and Blackbird.  Poppy's blog is The Beauty Boomer - They'll have to pry the lipstick out of my cold, dead hand."  Now that tagline tells you a lot about why I instantly liked this woman.    We had a lovely discussion about pointy toed shoes, bras and other undergarments required for women with certain assets and of a certain age.   And any woman who can get her husband to wear a Lily blazer has a sense of style to match her sense of humour.       

Poppy Buxom looking fresh in the NYC heat in a turquoise/lime green cotton lawn Lilly Pulitzer tunic


Poppy also blogs style and beauty for Blogher.   You can follow her on twitter at @poppybuxom.   More on Blackbird in a later post, because while in life the women seem to be inseparable I think they are worthy each their own post.