Alexis Hinde in her "Star Trek" Prada


 My friend Alexis Hinde will celebrate her 40th Birthday this upcoming August. She has taken up a "Fit By Forty" quest on her Wave the Stick blog.   She has practical rules for her endeavour like: keeping it realistic, affordable, easy on time, flexible and accountable.   Modelling a healthy active lifestyle for her son while she gets fit is her primary (if intangible goal).  Weight loss is the secondary, yet measurable, goal.    

I've mentioned Alexis a few times in my blog. As she is a social media & blogging mom I feel comfortable talking about her here.   We were twitter friends first.  Then got to know each other live and in person through tweet-ups and local mompreneur events.    

I think she looked fantastic in what she calls her Star Trek Prada dress paired with lime green shoes that she wore to Vancouver Mom's Night Out (#vmno).  This dress is reserved for cocktail parties only because the slits are too high to sit down in.    Even us practical girls are slaves to fashion once in a while.