Frankly I thought it was a bit of a joke when I heard last fall that harem pants were coming back into fashion.  I heard them linked to people like Lindsay Lohen and figured that will just be a whim. That will NEVER happen again!  I mean who wants their crotch hanging down to their knees?   And to add insult to injury most people called them MC Hammer pants.  

American Apparel Harem Pants


Back in the day I had what I considered a great pair of black satin harem pants.    I also thought skipping math class to go drink mixed cocktails at the local Pete & Marty's was a good idea.  Today I hope I'm wiser - even if I do still enjoy a good cocktail once in a while.  

So I was more than a bit shocked when I realized that these are a legitimate spring trend.  H&M and American Apparel both have versions.  H&M even has floral versions!!!!  That is 2 trends that should never have met...   

Thoughts?  Am I the only one horrified?
Chantal Eustace wrote an article about Harem pants (with several pictures) for the Vancouver Sun this week.  Love ya Chantal, but you still aren't getting me into this trend.
Source:  Photo American Apparel