I've always been a big fan of scarves.  If you look back at this post on some of my 80's and 90's outfits you'll see a lot of scarves  here or here.    In fact I have a small trunk full of scarves. All sorts. All colours.  But the best thing in my scarf tickle trunk is my 1983 version of "The Knaughty Look".  This book was spiral bound, with a little stand attached so you could stand it up on your desk and follow the scarf instructions. It has 2 sides one "the magic of scarf fashion" and the second "Using the Scarf Clip".  Now the drawings might be old, but many of the styles still stand up today.   Some, as you can see from the clips below do NOT.  And I left out some great head scarf tips as well as how to sew a dress out of scarves.  That much fun must be left to another day.

The author puts scarves into two basic shapes:

  • Squares - "Medium to large square are the most versatile size and are ideal for coats providing a fullness and warmth not generally found in oblong styles.  They are also suitable as suit and blouse fillers or as a substitute for a blouse.  When folded they can take on an oblong shape. Small squares are accent pieces only, very attractive for sport and casual wear."
  • Oblongs - "Oblong scarves are usually considered an accent item.  With the exception of wool scarves, they are not particularly designed for warmth.  One particular scarf, the bias oblong with its tapered ends, offers a slendering effect and added versatility.  The bias oblong has its own design flair and like the regular oblong is a complementary accessory for suits, dresses, blouses and sweaters."

Some tips for folding your scarf before you get started.  Seems pretty basic, but if you feel useless with scarves it is a good place to start. 

This first scarf is one of my all time favourites.  It is a quick and easy accent piece.  Though I've never tried the variation also shown.

After reading that my body type shouldn't wear chokers because it cuts my lovely long neck off, I wonder if I should wear this style anymore.   See for yourself in the shot below (and thanks to @alexishinde for taking the lovely photo for me).   I've owned this little black and white scarf for at least 15 years and I still LOVE it.   Can I still wear it? Or should I tie it onto a purse instead?

If anyone can figure out how to make this next one work let me know.  Could be nice with a lovely Hermes style silk scarf.  Or it could be one hot mess.

Now this one takes me right back to 1985. I think my Mom rocked this look back then.

This one  makes me burst out laughing.  How can this be comfortable with scarf knots sitting in your arm pits?

More scarf tips to come next week.  Some of my favourite I'll need to figure out to record somehow... because my line drawing abilities pretty much suck.