So last week I posted a picture of myself wearing a LARGE pop Swatch (I was at the Opera in Odessa Ukraine).  In the early 90s I was obsessed with Pop Swatches.  I was lucky in my first real job to get a chance to travel to Europe on business annually, and I'd get a new pop swatch each time.  It was crazy I had probably 4-5 faces and different bands.  

My Pop swatch at the Opera circa 1990


I wore the black and white polka dot band in this picture  with either this black face or a clear Swatch which showed the working of the watch.  I also had a black band, a neon pink one, a grey leather one and others I have now forgotten.   I pretty much OD'd on Pop Swatches. 

Now I haven't regularly worn a watch since 1999.  I had a pager and then cell phones that easily told me the time without the headache of getting watch batteries changed. 

The New Olympic Swatch 2010


What is funny about the timing of all this is that Saturday (one day after my post) was my last volunteer for the Olympics and my gift was a large smurf blue Swatch.  

 So I guess big Swatch watches are coming back in.  Maybe this time I'll have enough sense not to wear, this large funky and very casual watch, to the Opera.