Remember shoulder pads!  We wore them in everything in the 80s. And I'm not just talking about those big square shoulder padded blazers.  I'm talking about everything. I wore them in t-shirts.  If they didn't come in something I put in my own (I'd tuck them into my bra straps so they'd stay put).  My rationale was that I had narrow shoulders compared to my chest and hips.  It is true, but the shoulder pads weren't the answer.

Check out this picture of me from 1990. 

 Shoulder pads were on their way out when this shot was taken, but I still had a pair in this white wrap top (and yes you can also have a chuckle over my massive glasses and massive POP swatch - worn over my shirt to be more noticable).  It took me a long time to wean myself off those damn shoulder pads.  It really was like having a second 2nd of boobs sitting on my shoulders.

Now apparently shoulder pads are coming back.  I'm a bit late on this one news apparently.  This photo of Victoria Beckham is almost a year old. 

What is a former shoulder pad addict supposed to do?

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