With exception of a certain pink dress I really liked the retro and vintage clothes that Molly Ringwald wore in Pretty in Pink.   But truth be told Annie Potts and Duckie were my true fashion heroes of this movie.   Thankfully, other than trying a duck tale for a while, I never tried to work Duckie's look.   Jon Cryer was on my "list" for many years after this movie. Two and a Half Men took him off it PDQ.

And nobody beats Annie Potts in her vintage prom dress, mile high hair and yellow fussy slippers.

Check out her crazy awesome outfit in one of my favourite scenes from the movie.

Interestingly I saw "Sixteen Candles" at the dentist this week.  Fashion in that movie was much more mainstream than I was in those days.

Here is Molly Ringwald looking pretty in purple at this year's Oscars for her tribute to John Hughes.  And she just released a book called "Getting the Pretty Back."  Based on the New York Times interview with Molly, I'll be picking up the book before this blog appears.  


And Annie Potts still looking as cute as a button just last week (although I suspect she might have had some help in maintaining her youthful taut skin).

Photo Source: "20 reasons why John Hughes Rocked the 80s"  and The Insider