80's disco pumps - pink faux leather. Source: Headoverheelshistory.com


 I had an interesting discussion with Poppy Buxom at Blogher about pointy toed shoes.  For her they are an item that she did the "first" time so she can't do them again.  Now in reality I doubt Poppy wore  these the very first time they were in fashion which appears to be back in France in the 1700s .  But she certainly wore them in the 1980s.  I had always equated pointy toed shoes with the late 50s/ early 60s.   But the Heads Over Heels History confirms I obviously blacked out that particular style feature from the 80s.  

The point is... and yes there is a point. I didn't wear pointy toes in the 80s so I do not have an aversion to wearing pointy toes now.  As witnessed by my new animal print nine west shoes, and my olive green fluevogs.   

Spiced up my LBD with animal print Nine West Shoes


Pointy toe Fluevogs