Way back in 1984 there was a little movie with Demi Moore called No Small Affair.  It was the movie that is said to  have launched Jon Cryer, Tim Robbins and Jennifer Tillys' careers.   It isn't talked about much anymore (probably because it really wasn't that great a movie), but it was my first view into the model/photographer world.  And I fell in love.    I also fell in love with loft apartments. How does Demi get to be so lucky to live in this and then later the Ghost loft?  But I digress.

Lets hope this floral dress doesn't come back in. But you can certainly see the neon green gloves and multiple bracelets coming back in their own way today.  Thankfully not altogether.

I love Jon Cryer in this video as they get caught crashing a wedding.  If you are patient enough to watch to the end you'll hear why Demi didn't sing in future movies. Not a bad voice, but nothing spectacular.