Way back in the mid 90s when The Gap was king they ran a TV ad that re-ignited the Swing Dance craze.  (And since I met my husband on the swing dance floor I have a special spot for this ad in my heart). 

This week the first stand alone Joe Fresh store in Canada opened in Vancouver (for my US readers the line sells at one of our biggest grocery store chains).  As I stood amidst the reasonably priced, fun basics I felt like I was back in the Gap during its heyday of the 90s.  I still like the Gap, but back in the 90s I lived in their black pants (and so did all my girlfriends).  Today I mostly shop their sale rack.   It maybe that I have simply aged into their Banana Republic line, or it could be that they have gotten a bit stale.

Interestingly I also find the Joe Fresh ads very 90s Gap vintage  (although I don't ever remember The Gap being edgy enough for Billy Idol).

And let's try to keep the comments clean today, so no mention of that horror of a new logo that The Gap thankfully scrapped.