Think back to 1998.   What were you doing? What were you wearing?

  • 1998 began with the premier of SpiceWorld.....  the end of the end of that girl power foursome.   
  • Sharon Stone wore a gap t-shirt with a ball gown to the Oscars (Shakespeare in Love won)
  • I turned 30 - bought a little black dress, drank too many martinis and stayed standing long enough to eat early morning Chinese food.
  • Armageddon was the biggest movie of the year, followed by Saving Private Ryan.
  • Jaden Smith was born... star of this summer's Karate Kid and son to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
  • A certain US President was undergoing some sexual misconduct allegations.
  • The i-Mac launched.
  • Low rise jeans were gaining momentum.  And you probably were wearing them with a short-cropped t-shirts or spaghetti strap tank top with your bra showing.
  • And a tutu took over New York city...