I was only alive for two years in the sixties, so I figure I can wear just about anything 60s that comes back into fashion. Hey, if I worked a trend as a toddler then I think I deserve a chance to rock it again as an adult.  Although I highly doubt my Mom was dressing me in Swing Coats as a toddler. Either way I have the curves to make it work.   

I have always loved the 1960s swing coat.  I bought a beautiful vintage one about 5 years ago.  Until this spring I had only worn it a handful of times.  Now that Mad Men has brought the 60s back I seem to live in that coat.  It is such a fantastic statement piece.     

The Swing Coat has also being modernized by current designers.  The Jacqueline Conoir's Fall Winter Collection showed a very modern cropped swing coat in several different fabrics.  I think I called it a capelet in my original post, but really it is an updated swing coat.  I will certainly be lining up to wear one.