When I was in grade 12 and 13 I practically lived in my Club Monaco Jodhpurs.  Complete with what I call thigh fillets.   No way could I try to wear those pants today.   Mostly because I just don't have the figure for them anymore, and also because I'd rather not have my thighs be the centre of attention.

Then there is Equestrian as re-envisioned by John Galliano for Christian Dior.   His Spring 2010 couture show was a Victorian take on equestrian with interesting riding hats, crops, boots and great riding style jackets.  Lots of skirts and dress and NO jodphurs in sight.

Dolce & Gabbana has jodphurs in their spring line - including those lovely thigh filets that I hate so much.  Their take is a little more about mannish tailoring.  You will also find jodphur shapes in Tommy Hilfiger and Chloe for spring.

If you want to give jodphurs a try Fashionising.com has some tips for wearing jodphurs.  Upfront they say "Wearing this style for Spring 2010 can be difficult, but achievable."    I say they are absolutely correct!  And with a hip and thigh heavy figure I'll be finding another way to incorporate equestrian into my spring wardrobe.    Maybe a great rich jewel coloured satin jacket, ala Christian Dior.

How about you?

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