THEY say that if you wore it the first time around, don't wear the second.   Never quite sure who THEY are, but I never thought this would apply to me... was something my mother or mother-in-law needed to keep in mind.  Then I became old enough to be "Vintage" and fashion from the 1980's came back into style.    

This is the first of an ongoing series on "Fashion Flash Black".  And a place to discuss whether you would wear something again the second or third time around.   

To me if it works for you, your body and style - why not!   Assuming of course you don't actually try to wear the original item.   Leave the actual wearing of  vintage 1980s stuff to those born in that decade or later.    

Dolman Sleeves    

Not me - No good photos of said dolman top. But this is a reasonable substitute if you think black with long sleeves so the "wing" went right to my wrist.


Back in the day one of my favourite tops was a black dolman sleeve turtle neck sweater.  It hugged my hips and then flew out like bat wings from my waist to my wrists.  I probably could have hidden my school books in those sleeves - or a boyfriend or two.  I was young and it didn't matter that I accentuate my waist - everyone just assumed I had one.   And I never had to worry about trying to type (that being the stone age before my 1st PC), do housework (I was a teenager - enough said) or pass through airport security with those sleeves.  

Today is a different story - my clothes need to be both practical and flattering to my figure.   So I was suprised to realize that the simple black top that I wore to my 40th birthday had a dolman sleeve.  To make matters worse it has a sloppy shoulder (aka FlashDance) with an asymmetrical dolman sleeve (which means one sleeve is less dolman than the other).  So really I am committing 3 fashion flashback sins when I wear it.    

But somehow it really works.   Maybe because it has a real contemporary feel and isn't in your face 80s.   Anyways, I LOVE it.  It fits me really well - accentuating my shoulders and neck.   I wore it out to New Year's Eve this year matched with a cascade of white pearls.