First off I realize that this is Thursday, but I was only able to post part 1 of my Eco Wednesday post yesterday.  So here is the late Part 2 on Designer Baby Steinberg.  As with Sarah Stevenson, this was her first LG Fashion Week show.  The show's theme was Salvage - reclaim. repurpose. refresh.   All the outfits in the  Spring/Summer collection were from salvaged materials.  Many of the dresses were not wearable everyday, but they certainly made the point that beautiful things can be made out of discarded materials.  And not just on Project Runway.  

In the media goodie bags there was a great pair of bright pink earrings, thread onto a business card and wrapped in a piece of material.  I can only assume the earrings were once something else. They have a really fun 80s vibe, which I expect to wear with something black very soon. 

The quote from the materials on Baby Steinberg that was interesting was "By the end of this runway show, over 3000 coffee filters will be discarded by one major Canadian coffee retailer alone, totaling more than 300,000 per day."    My first thought when reading this WOW we need to find a way to use less of those.  And then how can we re-use the ones heading to the land fill.  Baby Steinberg tries to answer that 2nd question with her Spring Summer line.