Tonight  was the opening party for Eco Fashion Week at the Aveda salon in Gas Town.   I have to admit I'm a committed Aveda customer.  My hair salon is Aveda and most of my make up is too.  And their scents are some of the few that don't bother my allergies.  There were also yummy vodka drinks and dark chocolate macaroons. 

Yummy smelling Aveda Scents


It was  a fun party, as there were  a few out-of-town media and bloggers present.  So lot of people were actually talking to each other.  I met Heather from LA Fashion Snob, who was wearing the most gorgeous red Anne Michelle shoes (you can see them in the 3rd photos of her My Style page).    This was her first trip to Canada and of course she was greeted by our famous rain. 

I also ran into Alvina Quek, who was the Women in Leadership Sweet Talk event gala chair.  She had on a great necklace with a linen black dress.  She and I spoke about shoes and shopping. She highly recommended I check out Babs on Granville. I keep meaning to drop in and check it out. But after chatting with Alvina I'll have to move it up on my list.   Especially since they have a sale on right now. 


I wore my new purple Jacqueline Conoir dress - I bought it last week while shopping there for a suit (but that story will need to wait for another day).  They had done some minor alterations to it for me. So I picked it up en route to the event. I changed into it at the studio and walked out in my new dress.  I also wore a new necklace, well not really new. I twisted 2 necklaces together, with  a little ribbon and made a "new" necklace. I felt very crafty.  Bracelet is Plum and Shoes Town Shoes. 


I'll be attending a number of the seminars at Eco Fashion Week.  Unfortunately not many of the fashion shows, as most of those are at night and I can't leave my 2 boys alone that much this week. In fact I let the Opening Party early to go home and read Little T a bedtime story.