Today was the first day of the first ever Vancouver Eco Fashion Week.  I attended the press conference (which included an interesting intro from Ray Civello from Aveda) and the first presentation by Carly Stojsic, from Worth Global Style Network (a global trend forecaster).  I received my media pass for the week and a lovely SIGG Vancouver Eco Fashion Week water bottle.  I wish I had been able to attend some of the fashion shows today because the first parts of the day got me pretty excited about the event.

Truthfully I find the whole Eco Fashion term confusing.  That is one the reasons I'm attending a lot of these sessions - to find out more.  What is sustainable fashion?  Are clothes that are good for the environment also affordable, pretty and fun to wear?  What will really make a diffference?  How do we wade our way through all the choices available to us so that we lessen our impact on the environment while still enjoying great style and feeling great in our clothes?

In the rest of my life I try to make small changes that hopefully add up to make a difference.  We use cloth diapers, we compost, use re-usable bags, carry re-usable coffee cups, use re-usable water bottles, garden, line dry and recycle (even the obscure stuff that we have to research how & where to recycle).  For about a year there was no plastic wrap in our house.  Until  my mother-in-law came to visit this spring.  She felt the need for plastic wrap was so great in our house she brought her own box with her.  And then "conveniently" left it behind.  I would be dishonest if I didn't admit we use it once in a while.   Could we do better?  Absolutely!   Can it be a lot of work to figure out what is truly going to help and what is just jargon?  Absolutely!!!!

Over the next couple of days I'll post some quick fun updates from Eco Fashion Week, some pictures and hopefully a few tips.  Then I'll likely let the event, the information and their implications purculate a bit before I write more fullsome posts.  Maybe I'll do an Eco Wednesday theme throughout October. 

Today I learnt that there are some really interesting people doing interesting things in eco fashion.  And they want Vancouver Eco Fashion week to become the Paris of the eco fashion movement.  Only time will tell if that prediction comes true.  But they were certainly off to a good start.


Side note - tomorrow I will remember my memory card. So I can take more pictures.  Of the speakers, show and the  fantastic Platinum LEED Creekside Community Centre in the middle of the Olympic Village where our events are taking place.  Not enough was said about the building and location today.