In less than a week Kathyrn Bigelow may become the first woman to win the Best Director Oscar.   As a Director I suspect one of the last things on her mind is what she is going to wear.  Unlike the actresses nominated for an Oscar (and even those just attending an Oscar party) Kathryn is a Director and doesn't receive the same scrutiny of what she wears.   She sadly is getting more attention in the press for being a certain other director's ex-wife.    But I wanted to know about a bit more  about this successful woman over 40 and her sense of style. 

First I have to note Kathyrn is a beautiful woman, with great curves,  sleek long hair and legs that just don't stop.  She is a no fuss woman who sticks with simple silhouettes that show off those curves and fantastic legs.  And I get the sense that she is likely most comfortable in her jeans - like the ones she wore to "The Hurt Locker" premiere.   As she is human she doesn't always get it right. Like the white dress she wore to the Academy Award Nominees Luncheon... those ties on the shoulder were all wrong. 

But she clearly is comfortable in her own skin and has an established sense of style that works for her... likely without a crew of stylists to pressure make suggestions outside her style or comfort zone.

I'm not expecting to see any push-up cleavage or big bling from her at the Oscars.  But I do have my fingers crossed that she makes history on the big night winning that big gold man -  and with her own personal style.