It has been a bit of a busy week.  Monday is usually my writing day and it was Thanksgiving.  While I loved eating all that pumpkin pie I missed getting some great posts written.  I'm also volunteering on the Women in Leadership SuperWomen and Friends Gala committee and with only 3 weeks to go we've been a bit busy. So my nights have been full.  Thus my profile on one of the Eco Fashion Week Fashion designers will be delayed until next week, because I don't want to rush writing it.

I did have some time to drop into the new Joe Fresh opening on Wednesday.  I bought a few long sleeve t-shirts that I know I will wear a lot this season and a couple of cardigan style sweaters in popular colours that will likely wear out just about the time I get bored with them.  In the past I probably would have bought  each of the cardigans in multiple colours.   But I'm starting to look at things differently.   In a perfect world I wouldn't buy any "disposable" fashion, but I have a 3 year old and need some inexpensive and basic t-shirts and sweaters.   Items that can be worn and dirtied without it costing me a fortune to replace.  Or causing hysterics (mine) if wrecked by an enthuastic toddler.  And everything purchased was on my list to replace the worn/old/ill fitting items removed  from my wardrobe during its intervention last spring. 

But the big news of my trip happened when I popped into Banana Republic to see if anything was on sale.    And I bought jeggings!!   Still not convinced they will work for me.  But they were on sale, and then another 25% off, and I think they might actually look cute on me.  So I bought them knowing (a) they can be returned within 60 days, (b) I needed to try them on in normal light with things in my closet to see if I can make outfits, and (c) I have a girlfriend coming over on Friday night who will need to assess the situation for me.