The best part of a week long ski trip with your husband's family is that nobody cares what your hair looks like.  We all switched to helmets this year and all looked as equally lovely as myself below.   

A ski vacation does make it easy to pack - ski gear, a couple pair of jeans, yoga pants, a few t-shirts, couple of sweaters and a nice top for  Christmas dinner. Oh yeah and a bathing suit for the hot tub.

It was a fun week with lots of food, cold weather sports, games and laughs with my in-laws.  The downside was a stomach bug that flew through the condo hitting almost all 9 adults in one form or another.  The one night there were four of us up at 3am either recovering from  barfing or waiting for it to happen.  Not exactly the fun crazy early morning parties of my youth. 

What did you do over the holidays?