Last week I had the opportunity to fly to Toronto to attend the She's Connected Conference.  The conference also coincided with LG Fashion Week.  So I went online to get accredited as media.  I was only able to attend a few shows, but the media pass allowed me access to the media lounge and access to seats before the general admission.  So I submitted for an online media pass instead of  instead of buying individual show tickets.

I've been to several big Vancouver fashion events - Vancouver Fashion Week, Eco Fashion Week and private shows by JC Studio.   But this was my first time attending the TO Fashion Week event.   I assumed that the TO event would just be bigger than the Vancouver events.  But the words "you aren't in Kansas anymore" passed through my mind as I wandered into the TO event.   It probably didn't help that the first show I attended was Joe Fresh (review of his show will come tomorrow).  It was packed and literally a zoo!  

The first night I didn't really have much time to look around before the show.  I walked through the beautiful Heritage Hall at Exhibition Centre  straight to the media lounge.  Where I experienced my first fashion show accident, when the body of a camera came off its lens and fell onto my ankle.  I wasn't really surprised since it was so crowded. Nor was I surprised when there was no apology from the photographer.  He was really more concerned with his camera (which was fine) than my ripped stockings and bleeding ankle. 

The Busy Media Lounge

Because I had signed up for my media pass so late I was given a ticket for Standing Room "A" for the Joe Fresh show.  Thankfully there was an empty reserved media seat in the 2nd last row (which I had been told I could take if there was one).  So I was able to sit. But it was hard to get good photos around everyone else taking photos.  But since I literally spilled blood to attend the show I'll be posting all of my own photos tomorrow. 

My seat did give me a lovely view of the local celebs sitting in the front row:

  • Ben Mulroney and his wife who looked fantastic in red
  • Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman hosts of CBC's Steven & Chris
  • Adrian Mainella host of Fashion File

Celebrity Row

I saw a few other folks who looked familiar, but from the 2nd last row it was hard to be sure who they were.

The Media Lounge wasn't as lux as I had expected.   Laptops were available, coffee, tea, small snacks, spaces to sit and relax and massive TVs playing the shows from the day before.  Overall it was a reasonably quiet place away from the crowds.

After the show I took a look around at the various sponsor booths. Sears Attitude was selling some of its fall/winter line.  I almost bought a beautiful camel coat at 50% off. It fit beautifully over my sheath dress, but would have been rather snug with a sweater or blazer under it. 

The DHL Booth

There was a photo-op with Ken and Barbie.  I figured I'd look like some sort of creepy cougar taking my photo with the very young Ken so I didn't stop there.

L'Oreal had a fantastic make-up area where they was quite the line-up for some make-up tips from the experts.  I took some photos, but I had had my make-up done earlier in the day at my conference by SmashBox, so I didn't stop here either.

The L'Oreal Lounge

LG was contesting  a washer and dryer. And even though I live in a rented house, I'd love to have a more efficient set (we could always store the landlord's set in the garage until we move). Fingers crossed for me!

There was the booth by Rowenta Beauty Canada where you could get a fun 3D photo with "runway" hair.  Check mine out on facebook.  I also received a discount on their professional hair care products. 

There was also, of course, a red carpet photo spot.   Here are the outfits I wore.

Day 1 - Black Maggie London sheath dress, vintage orange necklace, vintage blue swing coat, nude fish net stockings from Winners and my grey peep toe shoes from Town Shoes.

Day 2 - Joe Fresh Black t-shirt, Animal print Ann Taylor cardigan, Black pencil skirt (been in my closet for years and don't remember designer), belt from Winners, 3 strings of white pearls and a vintage pin.

There was a special VIP drink area. Which apparently I had access to, but frankly it was a bit intimidating. So I just wandered by and peaked in a bit.

And of course, every good party MUST have a fountain.

I met some really nice people over the two days I was at the event. But more on them later in the week.