Yesterday I had time an hour or so between meetings at a conference.  I needed to pick up new eyebrow powder at Sephora so I headed to Pacific Centre.  And boy what damage a girl can do there in less than hour, even when handicapped with uncomfortable shoes (your feet really do grow when you have a child... and now my favourite work shoes do NOT make it through a conference day). 

Sometimes you don't realize what items you need until you are shopping. But what should have been a quick $15 powder purchase turned into more.

Sephora - This store makes me feel old. But the eyebrow powder that I love is from there, so I had to venture into the flowery smelling (I'm allergic to most floral smells), brightly coloured, overly crowded with young hip women store.  I quickly found the powder, and also saw a nice blush from the same brand.  I can't find the blush I love anymore, and it is almost gone, so figured it was a necessary purchase.  I attempted to get sales help to find me eyebrow stencils - alas the only ones I found came in a kit.  And the floor staff were all too busy serving younger and cooler customers than me.  Since I didn't need all that other stuff I skipped the stencils. 

La Senza - Went in here to get double-sided tape (on the list) to avoid the another wardrobe malfunction like on Saturday at Vancouver Mom's Night Out.  Also noticed the usual buy 5 and save underwear deal.   In my defense I was wearing fraying maternity underwear and hadn't bought new underwear in 3 years.  But 10 pairs might have been overkill.

H&M - Wanted to check out their great cheap accessories.  Stacking bangles (3) are on my shopping list.  I think I was supposed to look for black or dark brown. Instead I found some great teal wooden ones.   Should go with lots of the stuff (except maybe the reds) in my closet.  And they feel so summery.

So did I overdo it?    At least 2 of them were on THE list.  Or am I just trying to justify my spending?