I have always loved hair accessories.  It might come from my love of vintage 1920s-40s fashion.   I even wore a flower in my hair at my wedding, instead of the traditional veil. 

Over the past few decades hair accessories seem to have been limited to scrunchies, fancy barettes, basic headbands and maybe a few bows.  But it seems that vintage style hair accessories are making a come back.  Saw these great feather hair pieces at Portabello Market in March - bought one (didn't get the designers name though).  When I went to the April market there were more vendors selling similar vintage hair accessories.  Eva Chen also had fantastic ones in her Vancouver Fashion Week show. 

I didn't have budget to buy a new dress to wear to a gala on Saturday night. So I spiced up my outfit with my new feather hair band.  The downside was that I was attending the event with 8 engineers, and none of them even noticed. 

And yes this is a self-portrait.  I couldn't get a good enough close-up with tri-pod/timer. And my friend tried to take a few shots, but she might have had a few drinks and had some problems with the focus function.