The Women in Leadership Foundation always offers a special Early Bird prize for their SuperWomen and Friends Gala.   One of the lucky early bird ticket holders wins a  Dream Makeover.  This year the Makeover included:

  • Personal Shopping Experience at JC Studio with  Designer Rozemerie Cuevas and an outfit to wear to the SuperWomen and Friends Gala.
  • New hair style by Independent Stylist Heather Kopchia.
  • Make-up done for the Gala by Chanel Makeup Artist.
  • An onstage reveal at the Gala.
  • Feature in Fashion Forward 40 - that's me!

This year's winner was Libby Owlett.  She is an accountant with Ritchie Brothers  Auctioneers.  She is originally from London and transferred to Vancouver 5 years ago with a former employer.   Work potential was one reason for the move. The other was the lifestyle (and skiing) that Vancouver offered. She must be happy with her decision because she recently bought and moved into a lovely condo in the West End. 

I asked her what she was most excited about.  Her answer was two part - first was the opportunity to do something different with her hair. She had had her current hair cut for about 3 years.  The second was the opportunity to shop at JC Studio.  She knew the cut of Rozemerie's designs were fantastic and that any of her designs would fit in her closet forever.

I joined Libby at JC Studio for her shopping trip last Thursday.  Rozemerie Cuevas started by telling Libby that she was going to try to get her into something she wouldn't necessarily normally buy.  To bring her out of her comfort zone a bit. They discussed Libby's work attire and any special events that she might be wanting to attend - about half a dozen weddings next summer. With that the shopping began.

Libby - Before - Perusing the selection at JC Studio

Getting suggestions from Rozemerie

Checking out a dress with Rozemerie

And I will admit that within 10 minutes of meeting her I was telling her that her butt looked awesome in the dress above.  I know you can't take me anywhere. But she wasn't scared off and let me stick around.

I start getting a bit "arty" with my photos

Libby starting working her inner model

Decisions. Decisions.

Then Saturday morning I met Libby at her new condo to chat with her and Independent Hair Stylist Heather Kopchia.  I arrived a few minutes late and Heather and Libby were already trading stories from Libby's home town in England.  It truly is a small world. 

The hair plan was to lighten up the weight of her thick hair a bit - without making it too short. And then they planned on brightening it up a bit with some copper highlights, perhaps lighten the blond a bit and maybe a touch of dark too.

The hair cut gets started.

The hair is going quickly.

 At this point I had to leave to pick up my dress at the tailor and make it to my own hair appointment.  I didn't get a chance to see Libby's make-up getting done by Ana from Chanel Make-up. 

So around 5:30 on Saturday I was briefing my media team volunteers at the front entrance to the event at the Fairmont Waterfront, when this very familiar looking super sexy fox walked around the corner.  And my jaw pretty much hit the floor.

And I have to tease it here to build some suspence for a big reveal.

The Super Sexy English Fox That Arrived at the Gala

WOW was all I could say when I saw her.  I couldn't believe the difference in just a few hours.

For her outfit Libby picked a black Jacqueline Conoir blazer and a black sheath dress.  The blazer has a great open neck and will work well as a business separate, as well as pair ed with jeans.  And the dress has most gorgeous detail along the hem. And a fantastically sexy slit. Too bad her boyfriend was away the weekend of the Gala.  Although I guess he'll get to see her wear it about half a dozen times next summer.  The statement necklace was also from JC Studio - I forgot  ask the designer.

Here she is walking the cat walk at her Big Reveal.

The two of us on the Red Carpet. Libby without her blazer.

I think all this Dream Make-over needs next year is a shoe sponsor - hey Gravity Pope this event rocks.