It is on wet winter days like this that I like to look forward to spring - longer days, warmer weather and ditching my coat for new fresh fashions.  

One of my favourite fashion magazines Flare suggests the following as the "biggest fashion trends" from the 2010 spring runway shows (online or in February 2010 issue).  Now runway shows are just that = "Shows" that feature unrealistic hangar like models wearing a mix of items most likely only seen on runways or red carpet events.  But you can pick up some great inspiration of what is to come for spring and apply some ideas to your own wardrobe.  

I like that Flare presents this as overall personas, and not specific items for spring. This gives me a better idea of how I might incorporate the trends into my current wardrobe and my personal style.  And not just have me running out for those "pink leopard accessories" (per  

My 2 cents on Flare's spring runway picks.   

Stella McCartney


The New Minimalist - This sleek chic look sounds easy... especially since they suggest that "accessorizing is not a necessary talent" to make it work. Keep your outfit simple - neutral colours, relaxed pants, white shirts... and to a  maximum of three pieces.  Sounds easy!  But my feeling is that this is like wearing 'natural' looking makeup.  It will take a lot of planning to put together those 3 pieces to make sure they have impact together... and not look like you were just too lazy to care.  

Christian Dior

Christian Dior


The Exhibitionist - This is like the polar opposite of above.  This is frankly a madonna "like a virgin" flashback.  And really at my age, I'm a bit past wearing my lingerie on the outside.  I'll likely interpret this look as a more feminine look, and add a bit of feminine flare overall. And maybe even a lace cami peaking out from under a top or blazer.  And while I LOVE the vintage 1940s look, this Christian Dior outfit is really best left to the folks at Victoria Secret.   

Alexander McQueen


The Eccentric - This look feels a bit like a costume shop on acid.  Perhaps this should be called the "Alice in Wonderland" look in honour of the new 3D movie coming out this spring.  Lots of bold prints, floral, embellishments and accessories that "scream character".  This look is really interesting on the runway, and could produce some unique individual wearable pieces for spring. But as a whole look... I'll leave that to the runway or Johnny Depp.  


The Sports Fan - This is more about emulating the active lifestyle woman than the ugly hockey jerseys worn during playoffs.  And like some of the most stylish bathing suits... it is really meant to look the part than actually play the part.  The look includes "bold hued minis, sporty tanks and functional zippers and drawstring that shows her sartorial sportsmanship."  Great options for my fun sporty girlfriends... or maybe even sporty spice herself.  

Oscar de la Renta


The Free Spirit - Flare best summed this up as "haute-hippie spirit" and really it is just that touch of the adventure seeker.  This seems to range from a simple cargo pocket - to bohemian patterns - to a bit of rustic country details.  I love rich bohemian patterns and colours and I also love safari feeling pieces.  Will be interesting how this trend gets translated into stores this spring.  




What are your thoughts about Spring 2010?  Do you see yourself in one of the personas above?  

Source:  Photos