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I finally got a few minutes (stolen after work one day last week) to check out a vintage store on my way home.  Burcu's Angels moved to 16th Ave East from Main Street a few years ago.  It was my first visit to her new location.  A great way to be more sustainable about your […]


The 1980s started out as they would follow... with tight jeans.  Brooke and Calvin got us started and we spent the next decade lying on our beds sucking everything in to do up our jeans.  They were tight and they were skinny - most had to have zippers at the bottom so you could get […]

I'm excited to tell you about an event that I'm working on for the Women in Leadership Foundation. 3rd Annual SuperWomen & Friends Gala.  Explore a Sea of Possibilities and connect with hundreds of other SuperWomen in the community while enjoying fashion, entertainment, makeovers, prizes and much more. Perks that await you: Walk the famous […]


  Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver had some great speakers.  Smart business people with first hand experience of producing sustainable or eco-friendly clothing.  And man is it complicated.  Frankly the stats were overwhelming (especially when it comes to chemicals used in growing/dying and the resulting water contamination) and I don't want to overwhelm all of you as well.  […]


For most of my teens and 20s I had little interest in purses or bags.  I wanted the smallest possibly bag that would fit the bare essentials. But sometime in my 30s I fell in love with purses, bags, totes, etc.  I now have a wide selection of colours, sizes, types.  They are either a utilitarian bag […]


As my head slowly filled with data, stats, strategies and information about eco fashion last week I wondered if I was alone in my confusion. I consider myself a fairly educated person when it comes to sustainability.  But realized quickly that I really know very little.  And have really done little to consider my fashion shopping […]


On the 2nd Day of Eco Fashion Week I attended the seminar on Life cycles in Fashion and then all the fashion shows. The shows were fantastic.  I've picked a selection of some of my favourite outfits below.  I'll do some more in-depth reviews on some of the lines at a later date.   And I need more time to absorb the […]

I met a couple of wonderful out-of-town bloggers at Eco Fashion Week.  And I thought they were perfect to profile in a Follow Fashion Friday post.  For those new to my blog I "stole" the twitter follow friday concept and moved it to my blog.  I like to tell people about why I follow a blog before I […]

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