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In the past (on another blog) I compared networking with going to the dentist.  And I know a lot of people agree with me.  A lot of networking events can be intimidating and expensive.  So I love to look for fun, casual networking events.  The Women in Leadership Foundation (WIL) hosts an annual networking event in Vancouver BC that […]


Today's post has been taken over by my close friend "Migraine".  This "friend" causes dark fashion moments spend lying on the couch, sunglasses on, blinds closed and all external noise making machines turned off.  Hopefully my "friend" will allow the sound of fingers on keys tomorrow because New York Fashion Week will begin.  And even though I […]


Last week we headed south to Seattle to pick my Mom up from the airport and enjoy some time wandering around Seattle. When hubbie and were dating we used to head down to Seattle all the time.  Our first official date was almost 8 years ago.  Where did we go - to Seattle for the weekend to […]


A few weeks ago I posted about the two interesting women that I met at Blogher.  I detailed how it was instant blog love for Poppy Buxom.  Today I'll tell you about the awesomeness that is Blackbird.  Her blog is Say la Vee, Life in an urban town. Three great boys,16,19 and 25, one tall gorgeous husband, […]


Heading down to Seattle with my Mom for a couple of days - well actually heading to seattle to pick up my Mom and then doing some shopping. The items on my shopping list: Black converse - still on my list since the stylist helped me with the wardrobe intervention Trouser jeans - also still […]

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