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The 2010 Tony awards were a fantastic night of music, singing, speeches, Sean Hayes in various "unique" costumes, hot on-stage kisses and lots and lots of fashion.  And what a rich wealth of over 40 women walking tall on the red carpet.  In fact many of my favourite TV and movie actresses of the 70s, 80s and 90s have […]

On Saturday my girlfriend called and asked if I wanted to go see a movie after the kids went to bed - she had movie passes and was looking for a night out. I jumped at the chance.   I don't get to see this long time girlfriend enough (we go back to University together), and […]


I'm feeling a bit lazy today.  I blame a sleepless week and my brother-in-law coming for the weekend.   So I'm really not lazy but tired from cleaning my house.  Okay maybe just a little lazy.  Anyways, instead of me making up some boring post I'm going to give you hot sales news! Get  30% off the […]


Shopping.  And shoes in particular are my weakness.  After work today I thought I'd stop by the "philanthropy by the latest SCOOP"  a pop-up store on west 4th.  The store is around for 5 more weeks and features all sorts of discounted clothing, jewelry, furniture, household items and accessories.  The Latest SCOOP pops up for […]


This is a semi-wordless Wednesday post.  I attended an event last week called  Harnessing the Power of Digital Mums.  It was very interesting hearing both the blogger and PR perspectives.  In addition to a great topic, there were some great shoes. And one fantastic Canadian designer dress.  Jeanette Miller, from Limelite PR hosted the event.  While not yet […]


The Council of Fashion Designers of America had their annual Fashion Awards last night.  You'd think with fashion's youthful focus, that I wouldn't have much to talk about. You'd be WRONG.   Some of the best women over 40 in the US attended this event.  In part because many of them are the best designers in the […]


MTV Movie Awards is a young person's show.     But there were a couple of stand out women from the 40+ set.    I have to admit I enjoy this show.  It really doesn't take itself seriously and that makes for a fun night. Sandra Bullock was honoured with the MTV version of a Lifetime Achievement award.  She looked […]


A quick Monday poll.  I love TV.  I especially love watching fashion related tv shows.  I can't pick just one.  My list What not to wear - UK version - the original -  Trinny  and Susannah can tell you you  look like crap like nobody else.  What not to wear - US version - Stacey has […]

  Flashback to the 1980s and the early days of Much Music and a young 23-year-old VJ named Erica Ehm.  Without a script, no training and no internet Erica launched onto the Canadian scene - one of the first women in her field.  She got to interview rock stars.  She got to wear cool, trendy clothes.  She refused, […]

Update June 19th - @monkeemamanaomi was the winner of the 2 tickets to the Vancouver BC Opening Night of the  Cirque du Soleil KOOZA show on July 22nd. -- I remember as a little girl being so excited about going to the Circus.  I'd wear a party dress and my little black patent "mary jane" party shoes.  My […]

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