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This is what I wore on Tuesday. It was chilly in the am so I put on my shrug.   If I am chilly in future do I shrug? Or find something else to keep me warm? Dress:  Black and white wrap dress from Addition-Elle (in what I hope is an appropriate sized print for my […]


Part of my wardrobe intervention package (my name not hers) from StyleCat Wendy Russell back in April was a book “The Science of Sexy.  Dress to fit Your Unique Figure with the Style System that Works for Every Shape and Size” by Bradley Bayou.  We reviewed key elements of the book together and she helped […]

This week you likely celebrate either Canada Day or 4th of July.  I've always been a dress in red on the day sort of girl. But when visiting the US before the 4th of July I was amazed at the amount of stuff with USA or 4th of July emblazoned on it to wear for ONE […]


I only recently started watching Glee. My TV schedule was full, so I had to wait until the summer to start watching. I immediately fell in love.   So last week I saw some friends on twitter talking about this great Glee website  "What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?".  I love Emma's vintage look on the show, […]

Last week I caught a twitter stream about a Surprise Fashion Show at the Opus.  So I jumped right on it even though I already had plans for that night.   For weeks I had been trying to coordinate a night to meet the esteemed @erin_braincandy and that was the night.  I asked if she minded changing […]

I've been thinking about this post for weeks, but the weather in Vancouver continues to remind me of late winter, so I keep putting it aside.  But as yesterday was the first day of summer I feel I need to dig into this topic. What are your summer essentials?  I'm not talking about what is […]


Most days I'm a wash and wear kind of girl.  One of the things I love about short hair is takes about 90 seconds to do in the morning.  Once in a while I blow dry it.  And then if I'm heading to a party or having a crazy hair day I might pull out […]


@monkeemamanaomi was the winner of the 2 tickets to the Vancouver BC Opening Night of the  Cirque du Soleil KOOZA show on July 22nd.  She was chosen randomly from the 40 entries.  I loved her story so I thought I'd share her comment about her circus experience and a dress that she is going to get to wear again. […]

A few weeks ago I did a Fashion Flashback Friday to Pretty in Pink.  As I wrote the post I also found out that Molly Ringwald just published "Getting the Pretty Back".  I was excited to hear that this star of my teenage years, who was now also 42, had written a book about "Friendship, Family, […]

About a month ago I bought a Comfort Denim Skirt from Reitman's.  It was my first time shopping at Reitman's for at least a decade... probably two.  I came home with a $3o black denim comfort fit skirt. It is a pull-up skirt so I wasn't sure how it was going to hold up after […]

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