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Even though it is pretty darn cold today, summer will soon be upon us (and sorry to  Calgary who got more snow this weekend).  I LOVE to spend a summer day relaxing, drinking something cool and reading.  Now the reality is that most summer days my drink gets knocked over by a running toddler, and I […]


So some days my day job comes home with me.  I try to take off the "marketing & communications" hat before I start blogging.  But sometimes the worlds collide.   And recently two fashion retailers confirmed for me that they still do NOT get it. You likely know what I'm talking about.  You are reading a blog, so […]


So far the build up to SATC2 has been huge.  Lets hope the  movie lives up to all its hype.  And will we care?  I suspect most of SATC fans will go to see it no matter what the reviews say.   We certainly came out in droves to watch the world première on Monday.  I watched a lot of […]

I didn't watch Sex and the City from the beginning. I had to catch up sometime mid-season (thankfully it launched in Canada later than the US).  But over the past 12 years I've learnt a few things from the fab foursome: It is okay to have a style distinct from that of your friends.  We all […]


They are all over the media.  Can't swing a cat without hitting one of them online, on tv or in the old-fashioned print media.  Who are we talking about? Why the women from Sex and the City 2 of course.  You likely know them well.  But which one is your fashion doppelgänger? Borrowing from, […]

 Think back to 1998.   What were you doing? What were you wearing? 1998 began with the premier of SpiceWorld.....  the end of the end of that girl power foursome.    Sharon Stone wore a gap t-shirt with a ball gown to the Oscars (Shakespeare in Love won) I turned 30 - bought a little black dress, drank […]

It is my one week count down to the Sex in the City 2 première.  So I thought I'd start off my SATC fashion week discussing fashion in movies. A few weeks ago I taped a show called "Hollywood's 10 Best Fashion  Movies" off the W Network.   I found their list lacking.  And in cases seemed […]

I have to admit I've always been a bit of a Reitman's snob. But I had so many friend's (both real-life and online) talking about how great their Comfort Jeans were or how they had some great inexpensive fun seasonal pieces. Well I needed a dark wash denim skirt.  They had some on their website. So I […]


So I know I'll lose subscribers once I admit this, but I felt it was time to open the discussion around this controversial topic for discussion. Crocs - People love them. People hate them.  Nobody seems to be on the fence. And yes, I wear them.  And yes I have more than one pair.   Now admittedly […]


With exception of a certain pink dress I really liked the retro and vintage clothes that Molly Ringwald wore in Pretty in Pink.   But truth be told Annie Potts and Duckie were my true fashion heroes of this movie.   Thankfully, other than trying a duck tale for a while, I never tried to work Duckie's look.   Jon Cryer was on my […]

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