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On Friday I hired a stylist to come over to my house to spend some time with me & my closet.  All part of The Plan.   Part 1 will review the what, where, how part of the day. Later in the week I'll review some of the key outcomes for me - outfits made, shopping […]


With the lovely weather in the past week I have broken out my spring coat.  My winter jacket has gone back to the back of the closet and I hope not to have to see it again for about 6 months.  In fact I hope to donate it to a worthwhile cause next fall and […]


I've always loved this poem Warning by Jenny Joseph.  And I was reminded of it when my graphic designer recommended purple for my new header and Fashion Forward 40 logo.  I am by no means old, but feel that perhaps as the author says it is time to practice - just a little.  So in celebration of my […]


She has a style all her own.  She always has.  Cyndi Lauper danced and sang her way into our hearts in the 80s and she doesn't seem to have lost any of her 'charm' since.  I'm not an Apprentice Fan, and I didn't watch the première this week.  But I do love to see photos of Cyndi […]


I don't remember exactly when I became interested in fashion. But I do know the first pair of boots I ever wanted.  It was 1978.  I was 10 and desperate for a pair of "fashion boots".   And I was soooo excited when I got my black, high-heeled, shiny (aka probably plastic) boots.  And the obsession didn't […]


The plus about having your own blog is that it is all your voice, the downside when you are sick there is nobody to help pick up the slack. So if you noticed a little less blogging this week it was because the stomach flu took up residence in our house. So looking my best […]

Follow my blog with bloglovin Last night was one of my favourite TV nights - the Oscars.  Once upon a time I would have seen all the movies and would have had a group of friends over for fancy cocktails to watch the red carpet sceptical and the extra long bloated show.    Today I have […]

So last week I posted a picture of myself wearing a LARGE pop Swatch (I was at the Opera in Odessa Ukraine).  In the early 90s I was obsessed with Pop Swatches.  I was lucky in my first real job to get a chance to travel to Europe on business annually, and I'd get a new […]

I'm getting pumped for all that great over the top red carpet fashion at the Oscar's Sunday night.   Can't wait to see who is going to win... best and worst dressed.   There are a number of fabulous nominees over 40 this year... Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Sandra Bullock, Mo'Nique and Kathyrn Bigelow are all nominated on the […]


In less than a week Kathyrn Bigelow may become the first woman to win the Best Director Oscar.   As a Director I suspect one of the last things on her mind is what she is going to wear.  Unlike the actresses nominated for an Oscar (and even those just attending an Oscar party) Kathryn is […]

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