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Remember shoulder pads!  We wore them in everything in the 80s. And I'm not just talking about those big square shoulder padded blazers.  I'm talking about everything. I wore them in t-shirts.  If they didn't come in something I put in my own (I'd tuck them into my bra straps so they'd stay put).  My rationale […]

I was at the Olympic Figure Skating Free Skate event last night. What a fantastic experience being in that arena when Canada won its first Olympic gold for Dance.  Even more memorable as my mom was with me. Interestingly Nicole Kidman and her hubbie were also in the audience (far away from me in my nose […]


So Michael Kors showed leg warmers in his 2010 fall/winter line at New York fashion week!   They certainly aren't nearly as over the top as the '80s versions.  But still.    Thoughts???? Source


I went to public school growing up so I didn't have to wear a uniform. But I understand uniforms as I wore a lot of them as part of my precision skating team (now called Synchronized skating).  We needed to look like a team when we competed as well as when we travelled.    Uniforms are […]


I was almost stopped in my tracks the other day by this FANTASTIC woman walking down the street.  It might have been the bright curly red "Victoria from Twilight" hair that got my attention at first.  But it was her confidence that kept my attention.   She wasn't super trendy or trying too hard.  When you add up the […]


Man the hair that I have had over the years.  Long, short, tall, curly, straight, straight from bed...  I've done a lot of the 'big' looks over the years. So here is a short history of my hair during my younger years, starting with the Dorothy Hamil bowl cut through the end of high school.     […]

Sometimes it takes no time at all to get ready.  Other days it seems like you will never find the right thing to wear.  Saturday was one of those days for me.  You would think a social dinner with some professional women friends (the other members of the Women in Leadership Foundation Advisory Board) would […]


When I was in grade 12 and 13 I practically lived in my Club Monaco Jodhpurs.  Complete with what I call thigh fillets.   No way could I try to wear those pants today.   Mostly because I just don't have the figure for them anymore, and also because I'd rather not have my thighs be the centre […]

Lets be honest.  I'm a planner.  I'm rarely without some sort of project plan or road map.  This new blog adventure is no exception.   This blog is about re-igniting my love of fashion and rediscovering my style.  So I asked myself some questions to get me started... What is my style? Not really sure.  I like to […]


More award season.  The Grammy's are always interesting. Obviously a little more rock n'roll than the other red carpet events.  It also tends to be younger.  But there were a handful of fantastic 40ish women at the event and for the most part they represented us well.  My favourite??  Sheryl Crow.  She kept it simple with a […]

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