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Frankly I thought it was a bit of a joke when I heard last fall that harem pants were coming back into fashion.  I heard them linked to people like Lindsay Lohen and figured that will just be a whim. That will NEVER happen again!  I mean who wants their crotch hanging down to their knees?   And to […]


It is on wet winter days like this that I like to look forward to spring - longer days, warmer weather and ditching my coat for new fresh fashions.   One of my favourite fashion magazines Flare suggests the following as the "biggest fashion trends" from the 2010 spring runway shows (online or in February 2010 […]


THEY say that if you wore it the first time around, don't wear the second.   Never quite sure who THEY are, but I never thought this would apply to me... was something my mother or mother-in-law needed to keep in mind.  Then I became old enough to be "Vintage" and fashion from the 1980's came back into style.     […]

Reader caution:  This post includes explicit language about a particular part of the female body (see title for hint).  If you want to maintain your belief in the  fantasy that is the female breast, do not read any further. And NO there are no pictures in this post. I have to admit that one of my best […]

I love award season.   Besides being a glittery party reprieve from the winter doldrums, it is also very entertaining to watch the well styled, sculpted, botoxed and possibly nipped and tucked crowd pull out all the stops and walk the red carpet.   It's a party and what else do you do at a party (besides drink)?  […]

So I'm ready to start my new adventure.  My intension is to share the good, the bad and the potentially embarrassing  details of my experience in re-discovering my sense of style after 40.     Follow to see how I balance my love of fashion, the needs of real life and gravity. To find out a bit more about me check […]

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