As we move into the Labour Day long weekend, I feel like I spent this entire summer wandering around on vacation. I didn't of course. I spent the first half of the summer working to a big deadline and finishing a contract. Then I spent a couple of weeks wandering around Ontario from cottage to cottage and city to city with my son.  Because it was a solo parenting trip I have very few photos of myself. But these photos, taken in my friend's lovely garden in Kingston, is a good example of my "wandering" wardrobe for the trip. I took 2 pairs of shorts, one pair of jeans, a dress, a bunch of tank tops/t-shirts, a few nicer tops.

  • Tank top - Plum
  • Shorts - Point Zero
  • Sandals - Birkenstocks
  • Hat - not in photo

I didn't wear much jewelry, but on this day, as we were in the city I added a couple of items. It also helped that the friend I was visiting is a Stella and Dot stylist. She was having a sale for her sample items. So I left Kingston in possession of this lovely necklace and bangles (which are orange, white and teal).

I did whip off my hat and take a few selfies on the trip.

Other random photos to give a feel for our trip. There were a lot of cottages!

Finally, the other nice thing about vacations, I wore no make up for a couple of weeks. Since my new glasses kept me from looking washed out (without any eyebrows) I didn't feel the need to wear make-up the entire trip.

I hope everyone enjoys a safe Labour Day Weekend. For those outside BC, good luck getting those kids back to school. For those of us in BC (amidst a teacher's strike), lets hope our kids ARE back in school... soon!


Last spring there was a lovely event in Vancouver called G Day for Girls. It had some great speakers, experiential groups, and artists all geared at helping girls ages 10-12 as they transition into adolescence. Looking at the agenda for the day, I was jealous that there wasn't something like that for me and other adult […]


The news on tonight's Emmy red carpet for the 40+ set was white,  cut-outs, bold colours, minimalism, back capes (is that what they are called?), some real curve hugging va va voom, and a few who stood out all by themselves by wearing what they know works for them. There were also the usual plunging necklines, […]

I recently posted about my new bangs and glasses. I am excited about both, but both require some adjustments. Particularly when it comes to my beauty routine. On the plus side, it is easier on those days when I want to just run out the door with no make-up without looking washed out. I haven’t […]

I recently made a couple of changes. One voluntarily, the other reluctantly. The first was bangs. The second was new glasses.... progressives at that. They both have taken some getting used to. But so far I am enjoying both immensely. More on both later. Happy August long weekend to all my friends with today off.

I had the opportunity twice this spring to get away for a weekend with my husband. Yep, that was two child free weekends!! So while many of you are enjoying a very hot summer vacation, I am going to reminisce back to my spring weekend getaways. Harrison Hot Springs The first was a trip to […]

In a recent post I mentioned my new black crops from Banana Republic. I had a gift certificate and after looking far and wide, decided that these were the best black crops for me.  I was originally looking for something a bit slimmer, they were all more like jeans or required dry cleaning. So these […]


On a recent National Holiday I pulled out my patriotic colours, in the form of a great red sundress,  threw a maple leaf band around my hat, put on my comfortable shoes and headed off with the crowds to celebrate. Beyond the colour, you can't get more patriot than wearing a locally designed and manufactured dress. […]

I had never attended the fluevog sample sale. This year I was free on the sale day so I headed down early Saturday morning to granville street store. I knew most of the samples were size 6 or 7, but they also had 8s and 9s. There was a good sized line going when I […]


When my mother came to visit earlier this spring  we glammed it up for a Modern Glam Experience with Photobin Photography. Tobin and his wife Sarah gave us such a great experience. Hair, make up and some lovely memories on film. I appreciate and accept my beauty, with or without make-up, but there is something so […]

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