Back in late February I popped into a vintage store on Main street and found this vintage skirt calling my name. It is a 60's, wool, hound- tooth, expertly home sewn, lined skirt. It was orange! It fit me like a second skin. It was in perfect condition. It was $40. It was a no-brainer purchase.

This is the second wearing. The first time I paired with orange tights. This day I kept it simpler, pairing it with a chambray blue shirt (Nicole Bridger), vintage orange necklace and navy shoes (Camper).

vintage skirt
I will admit I will probably have it shortened a bit. With the last button on the skirt moved up to the top of the row.

vintage skirt
This is the prize vintage item I have to remember on those days when you spend hours in the thrift/vintage aisles and come up with nothing.

Have you found any great vintage finds lately?

Happy Easter everyone!

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After a long day, hair pulled back into pony tail. Owning my beauty. Even on the long days.


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