I am so excited this for weekend. Because in my very own town, is the 40+ blogger meet-up. It is probably my one and only opportunity to meet some of the lovely 40+ bloggers from around the world that I follow regularly. I am talking Patti from Not Dead yet Style (yes the Visible Monday Patti), Anne  from SpyGirl, Sylvia from 40+ Style, Greetje from No Fear of Fashion... a number of Vancouver 40+ style bloggers I have never met, and the awesome organizer Suzanne Carillo. Exciting! Stupendous! And ...I have other plans. Long standing and unbreakable type plans. Isn't that always the way!?! 

Okay back to normal font mode... I was able to free up time to meet up with them for dinner Friday night. So I will get, at least, to put names to the faces that I talk to online. But I will miss the clothing swap and the shopping and the general fun.

Since I won't have an opportunity to share with any of these bloggers some of my favourite Vancouver shopping spots, I thought I'd do a Top 5 Locals I Love.

1. Fluevog

No big surprises here. The unique and un-trend shoe company is designed right here in Vancouver. Two options with a Granville (near Robson) store or the Gastown location. Map.

I am currently obsessed with these Leader, Platform Mary Janes in burgundy from the Prepares shoe family.

Prepares Leader

2. Nicole Bridger

Ethical materials, locally designed and locally manufactured via awesome designer Nicole Bridger who trained under Vivienne Westwood. Located at 14 Water Street in Gastown.  Map.

I am always in love with her draping, this one is The Compassion dress.



3.  JAC by Jacqueline Conoir

This local designer is located a bit off the beaten path from those out of town bloggers staying in downtown Vancouver. But well worth the trip. Jacqueline designs lovely contemporary clothes, with just a bit of edge. 164 West 5th Avenue. Map. (Note that they are not open on Sunday)

Currently in love with almost everything below.

JAC_SUMMER15_LookBooK_for web9

4. Bodacious

Bodacious provides you with beautiful and luxurious fashions in sizes 10 to a curvy 24. The bloggers are having brunch on Granville Island Saturday, and this is a short walk from the Public Market. Official address is 109 - 1535 Johnston Street. But you will find them here

Love this dress they posted on their Facebook page this week, not sure which designer (Maybe Lorna will see this post and let me know the designer).


5. Plum

Last but not least there is Plum. My favourite location is still the one at the corner of Granville and 12th Avenue, close to my first Vancouver apartment. Ah the hours I have spent in this store... This should be a lovely group stop for the Bloggers as they walk up Granville Street. Plum designs their in-house line locally, with a lot of it manufactured here as well. And a purchase here won't break the bank either.    Map

This dress is looking pretty great to survive the current Vancouver heat.


I also love in the Granville Street area:

  • Turnabout Luxury Resale - Fantastic consignment, with the Granville location having a lot of luxury brands.  3109 Granville Street at 15th Avenue or  2929 Main Street (at 13th Avenue).  Map of  locations.
  • Eileen Fisher - Not technically local. But I love this store for high quality pieces that are ethnically made and will last a long time in your closet. 2721 Granville Street. Map.
  • Diane's Lingerie - Great service for your girls. Two doors down from Anthropologie at 2950 Granville Street.   Map.
  • And while you are in the neighbourhood, stop at Lord's Shoes to check out their great range of shoes.

I also recommend a trip over to Twigg and Hottie, a great little ethical Canadian fashion boutique on Main Street and 21st Avenue East. Map. While in the Main Street area please check out the other great shops in the blocks between 21st and 23rd Avenue. Including the hip consignment Front & Company, and girlie fun at Barefoot Contessa.

Happy Shopping! 

Source: All images link to the source material. 


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