When I started this blog in 2010 I thought I could always find inspiration to write about style and fashion. Well the dearth of posts over the past year has shown I was clearly wrong.

I started to find sitting down to write about what I wore, my favourite shoes, or a new piece of clothing was feeling like work. And with a full time job and a busy family I didn't need another job.

Don't get me wrong. I still love style. One of my main objectives for this blog was to re-discover my sense of style after 40. Today I am very happy with the reinvention of my style as classic with a pop of something just a bit different. Which to be honest has always been my style - I had just lost sight of that for a while. But that done, I didn't have as much "NEW" to say about it anymore.

I also don't buy a lot of new things (part of my eco-fashion intent) and I wear a lot of repeat outfits. Repeat outfit pictures aren't that interesting, so I felt I had less to talk about.


I love writing. I miss writing. I miss sharing bits of my adventure in life after 40. I have a lot of things to talk about... not just fashion. And I think I have a unique 40+ perspective on a number of things.

So I am making a slight course adjustment in my adventure in mid life blogging. I intend to continue to share the good, the bad and the potentially embarrassing  details of my life after 40. But now I will blog style, sustainable living, books, food, wine, opera, travel, televisions, failed DIY attempts.... and of course that ever present gravity.

I hope you continue to follow my mis-adventures.

FF40 Kettle Valley Railway

Helmet hair selfie while biking the Kettle Valley Railway in Kelowna, BC. This is during a break at the 6.5km mark before we turned the kids around to head back to the car. And yes, my backside was seriously sore the next day. Next year - we finish!!


Way back in July I attended the 40+ Blogger Meet-up in Vancouver. Then there was camping vacation, work deadlines, storms, power outages (32 hours), family funerals, school starting, sick husband, sick kid, sick me, and then sick me again with pneumonia... and all of a sudden it is Halloween. Seems odd to be posting pictures […]


My hair has made some changes in the 5+ years I have been writing this blog. So for a bit of Throwback Thursday fun here is a hair collage.  


I am so excited this for weekend. Because in my very own town, is the 40+ blogger meet-up. It is probably my one and only opportunity to meet some of the lovely 40+ bloggers from around the world that I follow regularly. I am talking Patti from Not Dead yet Style (yes the Visible Monday Patti), […]


A few weeks ago I posted a picture of my first top knot on twitter. I was hesitant at first, as I wondered if I was too old for this style. But I reminded myself that I think it is more important to dress for the occasion and not my age. And I decided this was something I could pull […]


What Questions do you ask when you are shopping? Does it fit? Do I love it? Does it fit my wardrobe?...


I haven't done an outfit post in a while. Haven't done a Chic Casual Friday post in a while. Haven't shown off my new Nicole Bridger blazer. So tada! All 3 in one. Nicole Bridger had a warehouse sale a few weeks ago. I picked up this lovely lined gray blazer. I often find blazers […]


There was a flurry of social media and online chatter after the Grammy awards about Madonna and Annie Lennox. Both are iconic artists. But the conversation was around who was aging better. And more specifically how Madonna isn't doing it right. Initially, my thoughts were in agreement... Yes, Annie Lennox looked very classy. And Madonna. Not […]


Love it when my footwear selection happens to fit right in with the Italian floor tiles. Fluevog booties seen here at the European influenced new Corbeaux Bakehouse in Calgary. The booties were a fun addition to my tunic and polka dot blouse. The tunic was a great choice as it left lots of room for […]


I take great pride in my personal efforts to own my beauty. To accept and celebrate who I am today. Not who I was. Or who I might become. But me. Today. But I do NOT love  my body. I accept it. I appreciate it. I lean on it. I favor some bits more than others. […]

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