Long time readers will know that I make no secret of my love for polka dots. I also have a love of pencil skirts. So how could I pass up on this super fantastic black and white polka dot pencil skirt?  You are correct. I could not pass it up.

I picked up this new basic item on my summer trip to Toronto in The Junction at Your Big Sister's Closet. I didn't get to do much shopping on my trip, as I was solo parenting. But my girlfriend lives in The Junction and we got to sneak away for a few hours one afternoon. What a lovely surprise to find this plus size clothing store from Karen at Curvy Canadian.

While the skirt may seem to be an impulse purchase it is surprisingly practical. You just have to remember it IS the statement item.

I thought I would use it to demonstrate how I could pair the same skirt and white blouse with multiple toppers. As we move into winter, understanding how a jacket or sweater can change an outfit seemed an appropriate exercise. Each outfit has the identical skirt, blouse, shoes and accessories. The only different is the top layer.

The first jacket is an Addition Elle olive green cotton jacket. I wore this to Leading Moms event a few weeks back. With different accessories.


I had to do a version with my trusty, and well loved, BCBG jean jacket.


Then I thought about how do I dress this up a bit. I didn't want to throw on a black blazer as that seemed a bit expected. So I tried a Loft Denim blazer. This fits the more casual Vancouver dress code.


Finally, you can't wear a great polka dot pattern without trying it with another great pattern. In this case an Ann Taylor animal print cardigan.


Not sure which I love the best. I think each version would work great in different situations.

  • Skirt - Maitai (purchased at Your Big Sister's Closet
  • Blouse - TJ Maxx (one day I will write more about this great white blouse with cotton panels on the side so there is no gape)
  • Shoes - Fluevog

Do you have a favourite topper to this fun skirt?


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