A few months ago I fell in love with these Rosy Hopeful Fluevog boots, as seen below modelled by my friend Gwen. Casual ankle boots are on my "want" list. I would say "need" but looking at how many pairs of shows are in my closet, I don't think I can make that leap. But I work from home quite a number of days a week and want something I can slip on easily, that will look good, and won't look out of place doing school pick-up in rain or shine. It would also be nice if they were practical enough for family outings on the weekend. That would likely mean something with a reasonable heel.


Then I was spending a day wandering around Golden, BC with my Sisters-in-law, and saw these FANTASTIC Burgundy Rub Blundstones.  I still wear my original, 18 year old, Blundstones. But they are a bit too tight on my post-pregnancy feet. If the store had had my size I would have bought these right away. Alas, they were not. Now I keep seeing these boots everywhere.


Both pairs of boots are a great colour. Both are great quality boots, which I know will last in my closet for many years. The plus for the Fluevogs is that the heel makes them a bit dressier or a bit more uptown. The plus for the Blundstones is I could wear them hiking or onto a muddy playground with my son. At $199.95 the Blundstones are  also half the price of the Fluevogs. And alas, the Fluevogs did not go on sale during the Fluevog Sarcastic Sale.

I am going to head over to the Australian Boot Company this weekend and try the Blundstones on. I suspect they will come home with me.








On January 14, 2010 I my style blogging adventure. Five years later I am still blogging about my lessons, adventures and evolution in style after 40. The landscape has changed in 5 years. When I started there were only a handful of 40+ style bloggers. Now I am part of a bustling community of ladies […]


This is the time of year I start to empathize with snakes that get to shed their skin – because they get to shed their dry skin all in one go. Whereas I seem to leave a trail of dry skin everywhere I go from November through to March (if I am lucky). My body […]


I hope everyone enjoyed a fabulous holiday. I am enjoying some well deserved downtime with my family. What I love most about a holiday is the chance to do some reading. I finally downloaded the library reading app onto my phone this year. I have what a large phone (Samsung Note) which is a decent size […]


Like many of you I am busy getting ready for Christmas.  As usual, I am trying to avoid the mall as much as possible. I am trying to buy local, buy used, upcycle or DIY. I will admit to making a few visits to the LEGO store and Marshalls. But most of our Christmas is more of the […]


Last week I had a free afternoon to try and do a bit of holiday runaround. I did a few errands and visited the Commercial Street Open House. I picked up a few goodies from Lunapads, some for my stocking, some not. And then I visited Trout & Co, where I had a great chat […]


This week is BC Buy Local Week. I know I am a bit late publishing this, but you still have the weekend to participate and buy local. I love shopping local because it supports the local economy and usually results in a more unique gift than something bought at a chain store at the mall. So […]


Looking for a great non-toxic stocking stuffers. Check out Rocky Mountain Soap Co. This Canmore, Alberta company just opened a new location at Metropolis for Metrotown. I checked the new store out earlier this week. I love their toxic free vision and how open and authentic they are about what 100% natural means to them. Because all natural […]


We had a record 10 days of sunshine on the west coast this November. It was perfect weather to bundle up and walk along the beach.  As we get back into the rain, I thought I would post these beach shots so I can remember the sunshine. My niece visited BC earlier this month so […]


This is what I heard my girlfriend say when she invited me to a charity event..."blah, blah, blah, Fluevog, blah, blah...". My answer: "Yes". Who says NO to a fundraiser held at a Fluevog store. For the record the very smart organization that partnered with Fluevog for their fundraiser was Carousel Theatre for Young People. […]

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